' I enjoyed the process of trying to dance the 'dance', and trying to control my 'footsteps' while moving my feet.'

' Seeing the body as a moving sculpture, 

trying to explore the limitation of the gesture 

and a different perspective of a body.' 

The Dance

Body Performance, 2017

' After the exploration in concrete poetry, I became aware of sound and action, sound and visual, and the responding of sound. I wonder what do sound represent and what do they visually look like.'


' I started to explore with different objects that secretly invent sound and act as performative objects. After experimenting with different materials and objects, the practise naturally leads its direction to 'musical objects.' 

The Performative Objects Selection

various, 2017


The Keyboard 

wood and copper pipe, 90cm x 90cm x 15cm, 2017 


Noise Board 

wood, screw and nut, 22cm x 30cm, 2017 


Mouth Mask

acrylic perspex, screw and nut, 15cm x 12cm x 10cm, 2017 


The Octopus baby

copper, metal and acrylic perspex, 65cm x 15cm x 15cm, 2017 


The Glass and The Flute 

metal, wood, acrylic perspex, screw and nut, 50cm x 10cm, 2017 

metal, wood, acrylic perspex, screw and nut, 40cm x 14cm, 2017

The Chain

metal, 50cm, 2017 

Sound of Imagination

performance with six objects, 9 minutes, 2017 

Exhibition View