Milk Slave

single channel video, 39 minutes 45 seconds, 2014

' As the poisoned milk powder sprees the whole world and it also scares all the parents. I had the opportunity to buy 10 cans of milk powder each time I return to China for my relatives. '

' It was hilarious, as the relationship between me and my relatives were not good, however they started to treat me nice. '

' In this performance, the ice cubes were made from milk powder, and I was writing a poem. '

' A poem created during The Tree Kingdoms time in history of China by CaoZhi. It mocked the relationship between CaoZhi and his brother, CaoPi. I use this poem as a metaphor to describe poisoned milk power issue and the relationship of my relatives. '






Milk Slave

single channel video, 39 minute 45 seconds, 2014