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an experimentation of concrete performance
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Concretely Abstract 

Site-specific performance 



Absolutely movements and sounds form emotion, messages, and tangible interactions. 

Borrowing the text from an ancient Chinese book, Shijing. A poem from the Book of Songs, Maoshixu explains: 言之不足,故嗟叹之,嗟叹之不足,故咏歌之,咏歌之不足,不知手之舞之,足之蹈之也。- when speaking is insufficient, so sighing, when sighing is insufficient, so chanting, when chanting is inadequate, so dancing with hands, and moving with feet. 

Three without One 三缺一




A solo exhibition inspired by daily tabloid Chinese papers that my father collected and gave me. I was advised to read and practice the articles on myself. As a teenage girl by then, I felt these newspapers acted as a communication centre and as well as a communication desert. 

To remember his love, 2018