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C O N C R E T E performance 

Site-specific performance 



Absolutely movements and sound, form emotion, message and tangible interactions. 

Borrowing the text from an ancient Chinese book Shijing/ The Book of Songs, Maoshixu: 言之不足,故嗟叹之,嗟叹之不足,故咏歌之,咏歌之不足,不知手之舞之,足之蹈之也。- when speaking is insufficient, so sighing, when sighing is insufficient, so chanting, when chanting is inadequate, so dancing with hands, and moving with foots. 

The Umbrella

Video installation and performance 1&2



In 2014, the HongKong Yellow Umbrella event revealed the rule of power, in turn I performed a dance and imitated the official news channel. Power, dangerously addictive!

Three without One 三缺一




A duo-exhibition inspired by daily tabloid Chinese paper that are collected and given to me by my father. I was advised to read the articles and to knowledge myself. The newspaper acted as a communication centre as well as a communication desert. 

To remember his love 2018

Skipping Ice

Live performance



Ice cubs, and string, with effortless action - jumping. 

To prevent the melting of ice, I did not know making the skip robe could generate such excitement and sense of urgency. 

Milk Slave

Single channel video, 39 minutes and 45 seconds


In this performance, the ice cubes were made from milk powder, and I was writing a poem.

' A poem created during The Tree Kingdoms time in history of China by CaoZhi. It mocked the relationship between CaoZhi and his brother, CaoPi. I used this poem as a metaphor to describe poisoned milk power incident and the relationship of my relatives. '