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Untitled 2014 

map of China formed by ice on the land of Singapore


While the ‘Chinese’ ice shaping into the water, it turns into the land of Singapore; as a metaphor, it describes the metamorphosis of my identity.  

I am Moyun Liang, a dancer, art practitioner, reader and researcher. I was born in 1991 from China under the Single Child Policy. I have lived in Suzhou, Beijing, Singapore and the UK. 


Observing the surroundings from theatrical performance and visual cultural background, I am fascinated by the relationship between body gestures and language scripts.

Most of my works are inspired by my daily life experiences. 


言之不足,故磋談之,磋談之不足,故詠歌之,詠歌之不足,不知手之舞之,足之蹈之也。— 毛詩序,詩經

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